Links that may be of interest to jewelry makers and stone enthusiasts

Treasures Over Time

Treasures Over Time is all about time. The hundreds of millions of years it took nature to present us with her gifts. Time brings diversity of form, color, texture, morphology, landscape and clues about ancient life into our lives.

The Gem Shop

Rough Cabochon Material from around the world.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry

Lapidary Journal was the first magazine devoted to gems and jewelry-making.  A great resource for jewelry makers, stonecutters, and gem and mineral enthusiasts.

Rock & Gem Magazine

Established in 1971, Rock and Gem is the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist.  Covers topics from mineral science to jewelry making.

West Coat Mining

Rocky Butte Rough and other agates

The Ganoksin Project - The gem and jewelry world's foremost information resource on the Internet. Open to the public, Free of charge - a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics; as well as a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional.